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Linda Barker

After revealing her bikini body on Tom Daley's celebrity diving competition earlier this year, Linda Barker attracted a lot of attention and media requests about the diet she followed. She didn't - she just eats healthily and keeps fit.

Presentation has always been important to Linda, as an interior designer and in life in general. Even in the kitchen, she says: "The key to feasting is making sure your food looks good! I’m really particular about the china I use and usually serve my homemade granola in a deep cereal bowl - because I'm greedy!"

Linda's on-the-go lifestyle means that she needs quick, healthy and nutritious snacks in easy reach, and a good breakfast. "I whip up a batch of my granola and keep it in a storage jar on my open shelves in the kitchen, just close to the kettle so that if I'm thinking of having a biscuit, it's there to stop me!

"Most of the ingredients I use are organic and I usually buy in bulk from farmers' markets. I love the quality of the ingredients. I use oats loads in my cooking - it's my favourite carb. I bake my own flapjacks and oatcakes, and just find them really versatile."

When the cupboards are bare, Linda uses her creative mind to improvise. "I adapt it depending on what's in and if there's no fruit, I'll just put extra nuts or seeds in - and I serve it with yoghurt, fruit or frozen mixed berries. I'm not sure when the Granola craze started over here but I prefer it to muesli because it's toasted and this one is special because you'd never buy it in a shop with coconut oil in!"

Linda's Great-Start to-the-Day Granola!

Serves 1 for 2 weeks!

2 mugs of rolled porridge oats
1 cup of mixed nuts - e.g.
almonds, cashews, pecan
1 cup of seeds - pumpkin, sesame
A handful of dried fruits - figs, sour
cherries, blueberries, flat raisins
4 big spoons of warmed coconut oil
2 big spoons of honey
(Preferably, all organic ingredients)


  • Toast the oats at 150°F on a warmed baking tray for 25 minutes or until they go a soft, caramelly brown.

  • Just as they're starting to colour, add the seeds and nuts and spread it all out - leave it for 15 minutes.

  • When they go golden brown, take out the tray and stir in the oil, honey and fruit, then leave to dry. When it is cooled, it starts to go clumpy.

  • Finally, scoop it all up and store it in a sealed jar for up to two weeks


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