March 2017

  1. Advice On Allergens

    Advice On Allergens

    PRODUCT ALLERGENS AND PRODUCT DECLARATIONS Food Information for Consumers Regulation (EU FIC) Thomas Ridley Foodservice is committed to supporting our customers in implementing and complying with the new food information...
  2. Nutritional Content with K2N

    Nutritional Content with K2N

    Determine Your Nutritional Content with K2N What is K2N? With K2N, planning and preparing meals is no longer a complex equation of calories, fats, salt and carbohydrates. This simple-to-use, point-and-click...
  3. Heavenly Salmon Fishcakes

    Heavenly Salmon Fishcakes

    Lime and Coriander Salmon Fishcakes. This dish is full of essential fats and also softer on the palette, making them easier to eat.
  4. Sweet Potato Falafel

    Sweet Potato Falafel

    An appetising  Sweet Potato Falafel Recipe that is perfect as a starter or as an accompaniment to a main dish.
  5. Enticing Sticky Chicken

    Enticing Sticky Chicken

    You'll love this Sticky Chicken recipe for schools. A tasty dish that is easy to prepare and accompany with rice or vegetables.
  6. Spiced Jamaican Pulled Pork

    Spiced Jamaican Pulled Pork

    A mouth watering, Spicy Pulled Pork with fluffy white rice dish. A delicious Jamaican recipe for all to enjoy. This dish demands a ripe, soft red with a natural spiciness to match...

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