May 2018

  1. World Gin Day!

    World Gin Day!

    World Gin Day takes place on 9th June and is one where all establishments can get involved. Celebrate by offering a drink with real personality. A classic G&T is the...
  2. June Stiritup Magazine 2018

    June Stiritup Magazine 2018

    For starters... >> Summer is finally here – hurrah! Time to make the most of the abundance of delicious produce our wonderful country has to offer. This issue of Stir it...
  3. National BBQ Week!

    National BBQ Week!

    With the 22nd National BBQ Week taking place at the end of this month, caterers should turn up the heat and make the most of this profitable selection of meals...
  4. Celebrate the classic sarnie with British Sandwich Week!

    Celebrate the classic sarnie with British Sandwich Week!

    British Sandwich Week is back again for another year starting from Sunday 20th to Saturday 26th May 2018. Celebrate the ultimate food to go with a range of different fillings to attract...
  5. Coeliac Awareness Week

    Coeliac Awareness Week

    Coeliac disease affects 1 in 100 people, however, only 24% have been officially diagnosed.* Research from MSA explains that 74% of people would eat out every two weeks if more...

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