December 2020

  1. January/February Stir It Up Magazine 2021

    January/February Stir It Up Magazine 2021

    January brings with it a sense of starting afresh and making resolutions for the year ahead to create a positive, productive outlook for yourself and those around you. From a...
  2. Care - Plant-Based Menu Guide

    Care - Plant-Based Menu Guide

    Using Plant-Based Meals to Provide a Gold Standard of Care   The number of vegans in care homes has skyrocketed by 167% in 5 years. Whether a person is...
  3. Hospitality - Plant-Based Menu Guide

    Hospitality - Plant-Based Menu Guide

    Plant-Based Menus are Taking Root in the Hospitality Industry   Mintel has reported that 27% of consumers plan to buy vegan food this year but not all of them...
  4. Education - Plant-Based Menu Guide

    Education - Plant-Based Menu Guide

    Creating Plant-Based Menus for the Education Sector   With 44% of pupils cutting meat from their diet there is increasing pressure on schools, colleges and universities to offer a...
  5. Stir It Up Plant Based Menu Solutions Guide

    Stir It Up Plant Based Menu Solutions Guide

    We are pleased to announce the arrival of this plant based menu solutions guide for all Foodservice sectors. Offering tips, advice, inspiration, trends and statistics to aid you in the...

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