Nutritional Content with K2N

Determine Your Nutritional Content with K2N

What is K2N?

With K2N, planning and preparing meals is no longer a complex equation of calories, fats, salt and carbohydrates.

This simple-to-use, point-and-click tool makes it easy to:

  • Determine the nutritional content of the food you supply
  • See at a glance if what you're serving meets the personal nutritional needs of the people you're serving it too
  • Ensure you have the correct quantities of the correct ingredients

K2N is an online software program that you can access securely from any computer with the correct username and password.


About K2N

Once subscribed K2N subscription will give you full, secure access to K2N, helping you to ensure the correct nutritional values of the meals you serve and making fast and easy work of many other everyday administrative functions.

K2N is pre-populated with over 4000 ingredients and contains the full database from the McCance and Widdowson nutritional values. There are also 100's of recipes which you can follow or edit to suit your customer's nutrition or taste requirements.

You can also create your own recipes within your personal cookbook to use at any time.

Whichever you choose, K2N provides instant evaluation of your recipes and menus against your selected profile
Software programme that calculates nutritional value of recipes / menus

K2N brand is bespoke and owned by CRG

The software will be available to caterers exclusively from CRG Members

K2N is populated with products, recipes and sample menu plans.


Once you're already logged into K2N, simply click on the link to K2N+ at the top of the page, for even more great features.

K2N+, the online nutritional diary management system that adds even more features and functionality to your K2N nutritional software. This handy guide will enable you to set up and manage individual diaries so that you can maintain even greater control over the nutritional content of the meals and menus that you serve.

Features include :

  • Managing diaries: Creating an individual diary enables you to set the levels of up to 33 different nutrients over a calendar period of your choice.
  • Evaluating diaries: The K2N+ diary feature enables you to evaluate individuals' nutrition based on diary entries made over any number of days.
  • Shared cookbook: K2N+ is designed to integrate perfectly with your K2N system, it also shares your K2N cookbook, so your diaries link with its ingredients and recipes
  • Bought items: The Bought Items page enables you to enter into your cookbook items you have purchased, that do not appear in K2N's standard database.
  • Managing recipes: You can create new recipes, open and delete recipes or modify existing ones from the Recipes page.


K2N: Free to Thomas Ridley Customers spending £250.00 per week.

To Log-in to K2N, please click here

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