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Plant-Based Menus are Taking Root in the Hospitality Industry


Mintel has reported that 27% of consumers plan to buy vegan food this year but not all of them are vegan. Whilst the number of vegans and vegetarians are increasing, there is also group of vegan-curious consumers to consider, who are adopting a more flexitarian approach.

Adding plant-based meals and drinks to your menu can be quick and easy. Here are some inspirational examples of how a few hospitality businesses are carving out a name for themselves:

  • Saorsa 1875 in Scotland presents an entire vegan philosophy. From staff uniforms to cleaning products, food and even electricity, they set an example of how veganism can be a lifestyle choice which extends beyond food
  • Suncraft in Bristol feature a global menu of vegan food including Ethiopian lentil stew, coconut laksa and gochujang stew alongside vitamin packed, cold pressed juice.
  • If you think a vegan fish and chip shop is an impossibility, check out Vish Shop in Dublin, a very popular vegan alternative to fresh fish and chips.
  • Itadaki Zen is Europe’s first vegan Japanese restaurant offering delicious alternatives to regular sushi.

For those not wanting to go all-in with plant based offerings, there are some simple, easy and flavourful meat free options to add to your menu:

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Written by Thomas Ridley FoodService
Thomas Ridley FoodService