Homerton College, Cambridge

Homerton College, Cambridge is one of the largest and youngest colleges within Cambridge University; with 600 students living on site and 1,181 who are affiliated with the college. The college also runs a thriving summer school which requires around 1,100 meals every day and a conference centre that caters to a diverse range of events from an 800 person BBQ to a 7 course dinner, all of which makes Homerton College’s Food and Beverage Manager, Rob Gamble, an extremely busy man.

“The scale of operation at Homerton College necessitates a professional and collaborative approach to the supply of food and beverages, our Kitchen Team invest a lot of time in producing original seasonal dishes and Thomas Ridley Foodservice has been a key partner for over 10 years.”

Rob goes on to outline that the impressive and long standing relationship between Homerton College and Thomas Ridley Foodservice is due to the alignment of business values;

“ We have a policy for food and beverage sourcing, first of all, is it local, if not, is it British or European and if we can’t source to those principles, for example bananas, then we will source from a local company.  Thomas Ridley has similar principles and that makes our relationship work exceptionally well. We have a commitment to serving only ethically traded tea, coffee and sugar and will seek to serve Fairtrade certified products.  Working towards all of our produce being seasonal and local wherever possible, we create menus that reflect the seasons and aim to have at least three items per dish that are seasonally abundant.”

Homerton College, Cambridge

Rob has also been impressed with the Thomas Ridley website,

“We have such a high demand for products that we receive daily deliveries, 6 days a week and one of the great benefits of working with Thomas Ridley is the ease of ordering. They have a fantastic website, it’s just so easy to go online and order what we need, whether it’s a regular order or something new that I’m looking for, I can find everything easily and quickly which saves me a lot of time.”

The cuisine at Homerton is amongst the best of the Cambridge Colleges and the range of dishes offered is extensive.  On a regular basis, we are making 600 hot meals a day plus a selection of cold and self-serve options for a wide variety of staff, students and corporate clients who all require something delicious, healthy and fresh. The seasonally adapted menu mixes home-made favourites with classical and contemporary dishes, offering something for every taste and diet.

“Innovation is also a key part of our relationship with Thomas Ridley.  We are constantly looking for new ingredients and products that our guests will enjoy, and our account manager is absolutely brilliant at bringing new things into the kitchen and sharing the latest trends and updates.  It’s like having another person in the team who helps out with ideas and new product tastings.”

The college is also dedicated to reducing its impact on the environment and has recycling bins on site including food recycling bins which are ideal for the range of Vegware disposables as they need to go into a separate waste stream.  Again Thomas Ridley and Homerton College align on their commitment to providing responsible disposable food and drink options.

Rob concludes,

“I really enjoy working with Thomas Ridley, the team are fantastic, ordering is easy, deliveries are great and I am always being introduced to new products.  They really make my role at the college easier and are like an extra team member who is always going the extra mile to help in any way possible.  They really do deliver the best in foodservice!”