Ambient and Chilled Brochure Winter/Spring 2021

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Welcome to our Winter/Spring 2021 brochure, showcasing all things Ambient and Chilled. It’s not an understatement to say that things are a little bit different these days. We know that businesses are embracing innovation and new ideas to deliver growth in an otherwise very tough trading period. Our brochure is designed to help you do just that – to think a bit differently; to find new products and to find ways to attract new customers and bring back existing customers.

The team at Thomas Ridley have been working hard to make sure we’ve got lots of new products for your menus– we’re all about experimenting with new flavours and taste profiles, encouraging innovation and giving you the tools you need to deliver strong seasonal menus. Government guidelines will determine your approach to lockdown and reopening, but your food choices are your own!

Treat the meat lovers with new T-bone, Ribeye and Fillet steaks, fresh mince cut from 95% visually lean British beef, 6oz seasoned steak burgers or fresh British chicken supreme portions.

Our deli range includes new Kings Chilled Chorizo, Pastrami and Pepperoni and Charcuti Chilled Sliced Italian Proscuitto. Our UK-sourced meats are carefully selected from local farmers and abattoirs to bring you a consistent yet top-quality supply of product, safe in the knowledge that animal welfare and sustainability are our priorities.

Your Spring menus wouldn’t be complete without seasonal fruit and vegetables. That’s why we’ve sourced fresh Chantenay carrots, diced butternut squash, parsnip batons, cabbage and oyster mushrooms just for you. With a range of sides to compliment any dish, including new couscous, houmous and salad pots, everything you need for Spring can be found right here in this brochure.

As you’ve come to expect from Thomas Ridley, there’s also a fantastic range of cooking ingredients and store cupboard favourites and essentials, including lots of new gluten-free products, sauces and condiments. Flavours of the world have never been easier to replicate!

For those with a sweet tooth, Christmas may just have come early! Our new products include a range of easy to use baking mixes and ingredients, ideal for takeaway dessert menus.
As one of the largest stockists of Pidy products, you really will find everything you need to create tasty, indulgent and cost-effective desserts and sweet treats. Don’t panic though, we haven’t forgotten the more traditional needs – Angel Delight, Ambrosia Strawberry Custard and Princes Fruit Fillings, amongst other firm favourites, are still available to add to school and care menus.

Don’t forget to check out our range of diabetic-friendly products (page 136), our extensive range of drinks, snacks and confectionery products and baby foods towards the end of the brochure. There really is something for everyone, every business and every menu offering.

As always, we are here for all of our customers. Your business is our business. And our business is to make sure you’re ready for whatever changes come next whilst delivering the very best in Foodservice.

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Written by Thomas Ridley FoodService
Thomas Ridley FoodService
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