Back to School Education Guide


Back to School Education Guide is here ... offering advice, practical tips and recipe ideas! 

As pupils return to school this term, there are more challenges to face than ever before. The government plans for all children, in all year groups to return to school full time in the Autumn due to the declining prevalence of Covid-19.

It’s always a challenge to feed children nutritious and tasty meals that they will actually eat while adhering to the School Food Standards, working to tight budget constraints and retaining good staff in the kitchen. However, we know education caterers are facing even more difficulties in the ‘new normal’ including the challenges of limited clear guidance, the operational difficulties of trying to adhere to social distancing measures and understanding the anxiety around staff, parents and children returning to school during a pandemic.

In this brand new guide there are tips and checklists on:

  • reopening
  • preparation
  • menu planning
  • grab and go solutions
  • plant based meal suggestions
  • communication tips for parents, guardians and your wholesaler

We are all having to adapt to operating in a Covid-19 world and with the new school year now here, change for the new normal has to be accepted. To read the guide for advice, click here.

Written by Thomas Ridley FoodService
Thomas Ridley FoodService
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