National BBQ Week!

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With the 22nd National BBQ Week taking place at the end of this month, caterers should turn up the heat and make the most of this profitable selection of meals that the UK love to indulge in.

Simon Woodward Chef & Territory Manager at Thomas Ridley Foodservice explains that trends in BBQ food are evolving as people experiment and we are no longer content with just a plain old sausage or burger! For some inspiration, look to the new products just launched- Venison Burgers and Kangaroo Steaks.  Venison is packed full of flavour and will be perfect on the BBQ as a delicious alternative to beef. And for the ultimate BBQ, you can’t go past Kangaroo Steaks, the ultimate Australian meat for the ultimate Australian BBQ.

Despite an increase into healthy eating amongst UK consumers, Burgers and hotdogs are always popular to have on the menu but you must be creative! By providing a gourmet option that is loaded with delicious toppings and flavours, it is sure to be a winner of choice. A variety of cheeses to include in the offering, as well as a range of sauces, helps to create a wide range of options for consumers on the menu. Add an on trend bun into the mix such as a Brioche or Pretzel roll. This will finish off your BBQ creations and give a premium look overall.

Stay ahead of the curve and include Vegan BBQ options to your customers. Vegan is becoming a much more common lifestyle choice and by keeping in front of your competitors with delicious products on offer will definitely keep consumers coming back for more. New vibrant burgers from Paramount 21 ticks all the boxes as they are also Gluten Free- a versatile item that looks enticing for all.

Ignite your profits by adding summer flavours to your menu and make the most of the new products and special offers we have available to you in May.


Written by Thomas Ridley FoodService
Thomas Ridley FoodService
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