Small plates bring big profits!

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Time to revamp your smaller dishes? This big trend in Foodservice is one to definitely tap into if you haven't already. With its social and visual appeal, having suitable tapas style options that have minimal prep and highly profitable is perfect for a variety of operators. Not only are they a great way to experiment with styles, they are also a low-risk process of gaining feedback before introducing fully onto the menu. These sharing options are becoming much more popular and with this type of informal dining, it keeps your business busy at every time of day.

By creating innovative small plates, starters and side dishes is a faultless way to update your menus and keep customers coming back. Offering new and unique side dishes is a super profit generator and having an upgrade option for menus is an ideal way to upsell items. New Country Range Sweet Potato Fries have just launched and are extremely popular among consumers nationwide so be sure to add them to your offering. We also have a wide selection from Innovate Foods that are versatile and can be used as side upgrades or in a tapas range.

For additional authentic tapas, don't forget to take a look at our antipasti dishes that are perfect appetisers and ideal as sharers that offer rich flavours and vibrant colours to interest your customers before their main meal. Great for alfresco dining and to be enjoyed whilst the World Cup is on!!

With the summer season on the way and outdoor catering and events being at their peak, minimise your stress levels with our fabulous products that work well at a variety of occasions. We have a great selection of cuisines and flavours from Daloon, Frank Dale and Pacific West. To take a look at our frozen buffet range, click here.

Written by Thomas Ridley FoodService
Thomas Ridley FoodService
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