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We all know how hard the past few months have been for our industry, it’ll have seismic implications for all of us in the coming months too. One thing is for sure, as the stats published by Just Eat illustrate, that food delivery is going to continue to soar.

Just Eat saw a 33 percent increase in sales for April & May, year on year. Considering the amount of orders a company of Just Eat’s stature must process, that’s a very good sample size. This tells us that people are ordering more frequently, AND new customers are using delivery services for the first time.

What we’ll find, certainly in the next six months, is that (to use a very current term) there is a ‘new normal’.  A new normal that sees more people ordering food for delivery, more frequently and a continued introduction of new delivery customers.

This all presents big opportunities for restaurants and takeaways and, in partnership with Aviko, we’ll be working tirelessly to help you grow your delivery business and come out owning the new normal.

How can we help you grow your delivery business?

Have a read of Aviko's delivery brochure: Aviko Delivery Ready Brochure

Over the coming months, they will help you boss delivery by focusing on areas such as:

  • Solutions: From the crunchiest delivery fries on the market, Supercrunch, to our appetiser range all with fantastic hold times, Aviko has the perfect solution for you. They’ll also be focusing on the best packaging for delivery to help ensure your food reaches customers in perfect condition.
  • Insights: Using their ast global research reach, Aviko will keep you on top of trends so you’re first on the wave.
  • Inspiration: As well as trends, they will also be working with top chefs and Global Chef, Dider Verschueren, to create delicious and profitable delivery ready meals your customers will love.
  • Co-creation: With chef creation sessions, new product introductions, and an eagerness to work with other innovators to create bespoke products, Aviko can work with you to find your perfect product.
  • Innovations: Using their science centre, research, and experience, they continue to innovate to ensure you have the best products, packaging and advice to help grow your delivery business.
  • Learning: From advice on how to package your food for delivery to helping you master the digital marketplace, to help you set up, drive and convert customers via your own delivery channels.

Together with Thomas Ridley, Aviko are here to help you succeed and grow, because in partnership, we hope that your success is also our success. So, make sure to visit to keep informed about delivery updates.

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Written by Thomas Ridley FoodService
Thomas Ridley FoodService