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With many Foodservice businesses now looking to reopen from July 4th 2020 after being closed for a while, make sure your business can restart safely.

The uncertainty of our industry paired with the health and safety of staff and your customers are paramount and will be areas that need extra thought and appropriate measures in place, to help build the confidence of consumers to the level it was pre Covid-19. The FSA have created a checklist to support food businesses to reopen safely during COVID-19. Click here to take a look.

To help you adapt to the new norm and to ensure you have everything in place to get back to business, take a look at what you may need.

Food Takeaway and Delivery packaging. 

If your business has, or will be adapting to a takeaway and delivery service; where your menu can be enjoyed in the comfort of your consumer's homes, be sure to have the disposables you will need to provide this offering to the public. Even if you never did takeaways before, offering your menu to your local community is a popular choice that many businesses have started to do to give consumers variety and choice. Our range of packaging and disposables includes environmentally friendly and compostables that are perfect to transport your menu including Food Boxes, Trays, Salad Bowls and Deli Pots.
With many still working from home, why not create a lunch menu for delivery. Also a great grab and go option for consumers that are able to visit and can eat on the go. Our sandwich packaging and paper cups are perfect for a midday eat and drink. Whatever is needed for your business to adapt to a takeaway service, we have you covered!

Hygiene, Cleaning Essentials and Personal Protection

With a much stricter cleaner procedure needed to now take place in your establishment for when you open up your business after 4th July, our range of cleaning essentials will help protect your staff, customers, and your business. Make sure you are stocked up with everything you need from Surface Cleaners, Sanitisers, Soap, Disinfectants, and Sprays. Disposable Gloves and hand sanitiser help your staff to work safely within government guidelines. Take a look at the full range online. 

It is a daunting time for many, but we know Foodservice will come back stronger than ever. If you have any questions or would like to speak to someone at Thomas Ridley about returning back to work in Foodservice, please email [email protected].

To read the latest Government guidelines (23 June 2020 (Version 3.0)) for keeping workers and customers safe during COVID-19 -Restaurants, Pubs, Bars & Takeaways, please click here.

Written by Thomas Ridley FoodService
Thomas Ridley FoodService