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Thomas Ridley Foodservice's new Frozen Storage Facility is now fully operational.


Thomas Ridley Foodservice are pleased to announce the construction of a new 25,000 square foot freezer facility that is now fully operational.  The new site has volume for over 2000 pallets, thereby increasing the current frozen sales volume capacity by over 50%. The new store also includes voice picking, warehouse management and multi-order picking onto electronic trucks. Service levels will remain industry leading thanks to voice system usage, whilst the cost of order fulfilment will reduce thanks to multi ordering picking system.

Chilled sales volume capacity will also double, as we will convert the current freezer facility into a chilled store. During this depot upgrade extra space for ambient storage has also been created.

This development represents a further £3.6 Million investment (including the cost of the new building), which coincides with Thomas Ridley Foodservice’s 100 year anniversary as a limited company.

John Hepworth, our Operations Director, is excited by the latest investment:

“The new 25,000 square foot freezer store will significantly improve our frozen offering and will also allow us to double our chilled proposition. This will ensure that we can provide our end user customers with a far greater range of both chilled and frozen products. It also represents a significant opportunity for current, as well as potential suppliers, in that we can now provide an even faster and more cost-effective route to market.  Both of these investments are integral to our overall 10 year plan that will allow us the capacity to double our sales volume by 2027.”

The building housing the new freezer store will also include purpose-built offices (designed by Bluespace Ltd) to which current head office staff based in Rougham, will transfer when complete.

If you are an innovative frozen food supplier with a range of winning foodservice lines that could benefit from the route to market that Thomas Ridley Foodservice can provide, please contact our buying department.

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