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Covid-19 Has Caused A Boom In Digital Sales - And It's Here To stay!

For years online grocery has been on the rise, only ever occupying a small share of total sales. Omnichannel sales have always performed particularly well, meeting customer expectations for quick, convenient, and personalised shopping experiences, whether its B2B or B2C transactions. Covid-19 immediately accelerated the weight of eCommerce and marketplace sales for many retailers, including Thomas Ridley.

Our Stats

Thomas Ridley is leading digital transformation in the foodservice industry. Our fully eCommerce website is the first of its kind in foodservice, enabling customers to checkout without an account. We also sell 1000s of products across multiple online marketplaces in the UK and Europe. We are Amazon Prime ‘Merchant Partners’ and an eBay ‘Top Rated Seller’ and offer Nationwide delivery of any sized ambient, chilled or frozen order within 48hrs.

The digital disruption caused by this period has brought about changes to B2B and B2C shopper behaviour that is likely to have long-term effects:

  • Increased Digital Penetration - spike will continue as customers realise ease & convenience
  • Slow Adopters are Embracing Digital – older demographic & traditional B2B trade customers
  • Growth of Fast Delivery – Increase in smaller but more frequent shopping missions, reflecting offline shopping preferences and the rise of convenience stores
  • Changing Market Share Portfolio – The rise of digital wholesale retailers
  • Increased Awareness of Wholesale Offerings – supermarkets lack of accessibility encouraged customers to explore bulkier pack sizes, building on Brexit bulk buying trends

We are partnering with several high-profile brands to capitalise on the opportunities digital presents. Our ‘Digital Marketing Services’ combine modified marketing principles with the latest digital tools, creating innovative marketing, selling and fulfilment solutions for foodservice brands.

We would like to explore ways of working better together with brands, so with this in mind, please email [email protected] indicating the areas of interest and we can begin to craft a digital solution for you.
Written by Thomas Ridley FoodService
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