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Stir it up is the trade magazine produced exclusively for Country Range Group customers and has been supporting and inspiring the independent caterer for over twelve years.

The magazine is published 10 times a year and includes the latest food and industry news across the education, health and welfare and hospitality sectors. In order to share experience and support independent operators, we are always seeking contribution and commentary from across the industry to add flavour to our feature articles.

Whether you are a chef, restaurant owner or catering manager, we want to hear from you!


Every quarter we will send you an advanced copy of our features topics and key deadlines for you to review and submit your contribution to the article content. Once the magazine is published, you can share and promote the publicity gained to your customers.

All contributions must adhere to the editorial deadlines and be sent to: [email protected]


Melting Pot

About: The Melting Pot section in our magazine is an area where chefs, restaurant owners or business managers express in approximately 100 words how they translate/maximise specific trend opportunities or provide advice on how to do it. Topics for the coming quarter are:

January/February March
Brief: With increasing numbers of people participating in Veganuary, this edition of the Melting pot will focus on Vegan Trends.


Stuck for words? Try answering any of the below questions:

·        Are you introducing any new dishes for Veganuary?

·        What is your most popular vegan dish?

·        What is trending in vegan food right now?



Brief: An increasing number of operators have had huge success with dine at home, takeaway/delivery meal kits. We are looking for advice from anyone who has added a meal kit to their offering.

Stuck for words? Try answering any of the below questions:

·        What is your most popular meal kit?

·        How regularly do you change the menu for your meal kits?

·        Do you offer takeaway or delivery options for meal kits?

·        What advice would you offer someone looking to introduce a meal kit?


You can focus on one, two or all of the above questions in each topic, but please make sure your contribution is limited to approximately 100 words. Please email your copy, along with a photo of the chef/expert providing the copy, plus any other supporting food photography you would like us to use to [email protected].


Category Focus

About: The Category Focus article is the lead feature in Stir it Up Magazine, addressing different issues and topical news stories every month. Topics for the coming quarter are:

January/February March
Brief: In keeping with the Veganuary trend, we are focusing this month’s edition of Stir it Up on what’s new in vegan food.  This could be a specific ingredient or a new dish that is trending.

Stuck for words? Try answering any of the below questions:

How can your products help caterers create an appealing vegan menu?

Have you launched any new vegan products?

What are your top tips for caterers looking to add a vegan offering to their menu?


Brief: As we turn the corner from winter into spring, we are looking for operators to inspire us with new drinks they are planning for the warmer months ahead

Stuck for words? Try answering any of the below questions:

·        Are you introducing any new drinks for the spring/summer months?

·        With Mothers Day and Easter coming up, what drinks promotions are you running?

·        What is trending in the beverage market right now (hot, cold, alcoholic or non-alcoholic)



Please send us your comments, suggestions and experiences for inclusion to [email protected] clearly indicating the name and role of the spokesperson.


Eat the Seasons

About: In every issue of Stir it Up magazine, we focus on a specific seasonal ingredient and share ideas on how to incorporate it into a dish. Whether you focus on building a seasonal menu or an ingredient resonates with your style of cooking, we want to hear your suggestions. To participate, send us 20 words on your dish of choice and an image of the finished article to [email protected] this coming quarter’s focus will be:

January/February: Ingredient focus is Leeks

March: Ingredient focus is Parsnips


Food for Thought – note this is a rolling feature

Do you have a unique dish, seasonal serve, best seller or new trend you want to share in our magazine? Perhaps you have a great dish for one of the many food celebrations taking place throughout the year (chocolate week, Veganuary, Yorkshire pudding day, bread week, BBQ week etc)?  Send us a picture and a description of up to 20 words and we will feature it.

Written by Thomas Ridley FoodService
Thomas Ridley FoodService
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