June Stir It Up Magazine 2021

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Summer is finally here, and along with it brings lots of opportunities to create exciting new menus and keep customers coming back for more.
As hospitality operators welcome consumers back indoors as well as outdoors, understanding the needs of your customers is key. Families have missed out on celebrating many different occasions and will be looking for locations where they can take their children and wider family and friend groups to make the most of being able to eat out once again.
Our Category Focus feature on pages 17-19 provides lots of advice and inspiration for exactly what you need to consider, from marketing your offer to parents through to what to include on the menu.
Over in our Melting Pot feature on pages 30-33 we’re focusing on Street Food, the quick to prepare, flavour-filled dishes that are often inspired by global cuisines and are versatile for use in cost sector catering as well as hospitality.
The summer months are a fantastic time to celebrate the wide array of seasonal ingredients we have in abundance across the UK and Ireland, including seafood. In our Advice from the Experts feature we have the brilliant chef Josh Niland sharing with us a masterclass on ‘fish to gill’ dining; utilising and celebrating the whole fish within cooking and menus to reduce food waste and truly honour the produce.
Sustainability is also on the menu elsewhere in the foodservice marketplace as we focus on hospital catering within this month’s Green Gauge feature over on page 23.
In our News from Country Range article we’re highlighting key calendar events that you can build menus and food focused events around within your business, including National Fish & Chip Day, Father’s Day and the Euros.

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Written by Thomas Ridley FoodService
Thomas Ridley FoodService
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