Natasha's Law

What is Natasha's Law?

From 1st October 2021, all food businesses in England, Wales and Northern Ireland have to provide a full ingredient list and allergen labelling when selling Prepackaged for Direct Sale Foods (PPDS Foods) from their premises. The UK Food Information Amendment 2019, known informally as Natasha's Law, will apply in England, Wales and Northern Ireland."

What is needed?

PPDS foods must have the following on their packaging from October 2021.

- The name/description of the food

- Full ingredients list with highlighted allergens

- All allergens that are present - this can be either Bold, highlighted, underlined, in a different colour, in italics or CAPITALS for ease of identification

Natasha Law

How does it affect my business?

This law will apply to all food business where the food is packed before being offered for sale to the final customer/consumer.  This includes packing the goods on the same premises/site, or other premises such as at an event, temporary premises i.e. marquee, market stall or mobile vehicle.

Has Thomas Ridley got a solution?

Yes! As your wholesaler, we are here to help with our bespoke full labelling solution on the items you purchase from Thomas Ridley.  Our easy-to-use software highlights ingredients and their allergens as well as providing an area to add logos and product descriptions. The solution is now activated on your trade account.



Who can use Thomas Ridley's Allergen Solution?

Our solution is available to all customers with a trade account.

Does it cost anything?

Thomas Ridley are offering this solution on a 3-month free trial. After the trial the cost is £120 a year (Billed annually).

Can I include products that I don't buy from Thomas Ridley?

As much as we would like to provide all products to our customers we understand that that is not possible. So the solution does give you the opportunity to add in 'Custom Products'. Thomas Ridley audits all allergen data for the products that we sell. For any 'Custom products', you need to ensure all ingredients are entered correctly.

How does it work?

Please view the video to see the solution in use, and/or download our user guide.

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