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Sustainability @ Thomas Ridley

As a large supplier of food, drink and food packaging to the hospitality and foodservice industry, we know how important it is to operate as sustainably as possible. We want to offer our customers – whether that be a cafè, pub or street food vendor, or their direct customers – the most sustainable products and services that we can.  
Food production, shipping and waste is a big area that creates a lot of harmful pollution for the planet. Here’s what we’re doing to help.  

Stocking compostable single-use food packaging

Find out more about these products, the best way to dispose of them and common food packaging myths. 

Diverting waste food from landfill

We're passionate about responsibly reducing how much food and drink is wasted at Thomas Ridley each year. Find out how we're doing this. 

Waste Oil Collection

We work with a partner to help a lot of our customers recycle their used cooking oil in return for cashback on their orders.  

Cardboard Collection

We also offer our customers a free cardboard collection service, to help them process their recycling better.  

Other ways that we’re operating sustainably  

  • Solar power – we have 400 solar panels on the roof of our frozen warehouse which saves us 40,000 kwh of energy each year and are always looking at other sites to install more solar panels.  
  • Reducing food miles with multi-temperature storage – all of our delivery vehicles offer multi-temperature storage solutions so that customers can receive frozen, chilled and ambient goods in one convenient delivery, hugely reducing road miles.  
  • Reducing energy use by improving processes – in 2023, we were able to reduce our energy consumption by 10% compared to 2022 by making several improvements around our site, such as installing automatic doors and lights in our warehouses. Wherever possible, we will find ways to improve and reduce energy. 

It's no secret that every business creates waste, it's what we do with it that sets us apart. At Thomas Ridley, we’re proud to operate today in a way that helps to protects tomorrow and are always looking for ways to further reduce our carbon footprint, and that of our customers.