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Burgers, Brats and Buckets for the Euros

Are you excited about the Euros? 

Will you be showing the games?  

Kicking off on 14th June to 14th July, football fever will be taking over. To help you cater for hordes of hungry football fans, we’ve put together some football-themed menu ideas around Burgers, Brats and Buckets, helping you to serve up some quick and easy winning menu solutions throughout the Euros.  
Let’s get started! 

Fantastic Footie Burger

Make the most of the Euros with these fantastic pretzel-based football printed buns! They look great, hold well and taste good too.

Burger -
12341 Ditsch Frozen Pretzel Football Roll (VG, V) 60x70g

07340 Fresh British 6oz Seasoned Steak Burgers 10x170g

or 06811 Moving Mountains Frozen Vegan Plant-Based Burgers (VG, V) 20x113.5g

Toppings -
12224 Spinneyfields Sliced Mature White Cheddar (V) 6x1kg

07211 Fresh Little Gems Lettuce 1x2

14003 Kuhne Pickled Gherkins (VG, V) 4x2.65kg

53190 Fresh Beef Tomatoes (VG, V) 1xeach

Deluxe Chicken Bucket 

Mix and match from our fantastic new range of Diggers chicken products to create tasty chicken buckets to be enjoyed during the games! 

For a vegan bucket, use Quorn Chiqin wings. 

Bratwursts for the Euros - Traditional Currywurst

A great value dine-in or takeaway option, mix in a bit of ketchup to really bring the currywurst sauce to life!

Choose your Brat -

01849 Damhus Frozen German Bockwurst Sausages 16cm 6x8x90g or

07550 Moving Mountains Frozen Vegan Plant-Based Hot Dogs (VG, V) 24x90g

For the sauce -
03979 Uncle John’s Tomato Ketchup Sauce (VG, V, GF) 6x1ltr

77217 Knorr Professional Curry Sauce Mix (V) 3x5ltr

Fries - 
60196 Lamb Weston Frozen Skin On Stealth Fries 9/9 (VG, V, GF) 4x2.5kg

Sides for the Euros

Add a hint of flavour and colour to your sides by sprinkling with Peri Peri seasoning and chopped chives.

Get these recipe cards and more!

Download our full Euros 2024 menu.