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Compostable food-to-go foodservice packaging

We’re excited to be working with Zeus as our new food packaging supplier. They have a great range, their products are of great quality and – most importantly – they have great eco credentials.  

Cardboard takeout boxes and cups

In the Zeus range, we have all of your favourite food to-go products, such as compostable double-walled paperboard cups for hot drinks, cardboard pizza boxes (made from recycled material), leakproof kraft takeaway boxes (with plant-based PLA lining) and unlined takeout boxes, great for kebabs or fish and chips, which are made from recycled materials and are recyclable and commercially compostable. 

Cardboard takeout food packagingCardboard takeout food packaging

Soup cups and lids

One of our favourite products are these white ‘soup cups’ and lids (also great for takeaway noodles, curries, porridge etc - not just soup!). These versatile and attractive pots come in three different sizes – 12oz, 16oz and 32oz - with leak proof lids, for ultimate convenience. The 12oz is made from a cardboard pulp with a plant-based bioplastic PLA lining, making it fully compostable in a commercial composter. 

We also really like their attractive white hot cup lids – made from 100% compostable PLA bioplastic.   

Birchwood cutlery and bagasse food containers

There are also attractive and sturdy biodegradeable wooden cutlery, made from birchwood, such as these great wooden forks and the popular bagasse (sugar cane) clam shell design takeout boxes, which are plant-based, great for keeping food hot and crispy and all commercially compostable.  
foodservice wooden cutlery and bagasse food containersfoodservice wooden cutlery and bagasse food containers

Got questions about commercial composting and where food packaging fits in?

  For information about Zeus Food packaging and what they’re doing for the environment, click here.