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Get to know the ‘new meat’ on the block – Redefine Meat

Redefine meat is a new vegan plant-based protein meat substitute that really stands out from the crowd for its quality and broad product range.  

Focused on pleasing meat-eaters as well as appealing to committed vegans, Redefine Meat is creating a sustainable ‘new generation of meat’. These products focus on the texture, aroma and taste to offer a genuine, premium plant-based rival to traditional animal meats. 
 At Thomas Ridley, we are excited to offer six different frozen Redefine Meat products for foodservice, most of which come in 4 x 1kg bag packs.  
From your go-to plant-based mince and burger, we also have a lamb-style kebab mix, plant-based bratwurst sausages, spicy Mediterranean plant-based sausage (great for brunches) and, a realistic plant-based beef flank product, which can be sliced and presented as a stunning plant-based main course.

 Redefine Meat spicy Mediterranean plant-based sausage  Redefine Meat spicy Mediterranean plant-based sausage

What’s in Redefine Meat? 

Using a mix of soy, pea, rice and potato protein, coconut fat and added vitamins and minerals, Redefine Meat is proud to offer something different in this space, which has seen peaks and troughs in favorability over recent years. But, this is a food trend that is here to stay, as consumers want to eat healthily and reduce their impact on the planet.  

The so-called ‘new meat’, which has been designed for use in professional kitchens, is good for the environment, of high-quality and provides the full sensory experience of meat; including flavour, texture and aroma.
Importantly, these products are made with no preservatives and no GMO ingredients and look great on the plate. If you’re looking for a high-quality meat alternative to expand your vegan offering, then look no further! 

Why not try the vegan bratwurst or lamb kebab mix? 

A fantastic, juicy, plant-based bratwurst sausage, made from a mixture of pea and rice protein and coconut fat, with added vitamins and minerals.
This is the vegan answer to a tasty, realistic bratwurst sausage, which is healthier and better for the environment than pork meat.  
Redefine Meat vegan plant-based bratwurstRedefine Meat vegan plant-based bratwurst
Redefine Meat vegan plant-based bratwurst in bread bunsRedefine Meat vegan plant-based bratwurst in bread buns

Bursting with lamb and Mediterranean flavour, this is a delicious and versatile plant-based lamb kebab mix.

Made from a mixture of pea and rice protein and coconut fat, with added vitamins and minerals, simply defrost, shape and cook in minutes! 
Redefine meat lamb style kebabRedefine meat lamb style kebab

Explore the Redefine Meat range now  

Spicy sausage

Lamb kebab mix


Beef mince

Beef flank

Premium burger

What Redefine Meat say about their new-meat mission:  

“We believe that the world deserves new-meat, delicious plant-based meat that is good for the environment and kind to animals. Having studied the unique properties of animal meat and perfected cutting-edge technologies, we’ve developed a wide range of high-quality products that provide the full sensory experience of meat, including flavour profiles, texture and aroma, without compromise.” 
“From juicy burgers to pulled beef sandwiches to Mediterranean kababs, our unique range of new-meat is loved by chefs around the world. And now, we are bringing the unique flavors and texture of Redefine Meat to homes, too.” 
Find out more about this 'new meat' brand.