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Easy vegan desserts and sweet treats for foodservice

Easy vegan desserts and sweet treats for foodservice 

New in – try out these plant-based Muller corners! Made with coconut milk, these are a great addition to your breakfast offerings or as a sweet treat at any time of the day!
Try the strawberry and pomegranate, crunchy chocolate balls or the plant-based Muller rice pudding pots with vanilla sauce. All plant-based, yummy and filled with the same Muller quality that you're used to.   

Vegan desserts

Divine and delicious, simply defrost and serve for a reliable selection of pre-portioned vegan desserts for foodservice.
We have vegan mini red velvet cakes, vegan (and gluten free) blackcurrant crumble, a heavenly vegan chocolate fudge cake and a luxurious vegan raspberry and chocolate tart, to name just a few options.
Perfect for foodservice, choose from these great vegan options to help you serve up a fantastic veganuary dessert menu that everyone will love!   

Plant-based ice creams

Fantastic on their own or to accompany any of the above vegan desserts, these high-quality plant-based ice creams from Yarde Farm pack flavour and variety to add to your vegan offering.
Or, if you’re looking for something lighter? Why not experiment with Yarde Farm’s fantastic range of fruit sorbets?  

Need a bit more veganuary inspiration?

Try out these savoury solutions.   


This red, chickpea and vegetable filled vegan pasta makes for a very attractive vegan special.
Reduce any waste with this frozen, vegan pasta option which helps you serve up a great vegan main, every time.  

Have you tried jack fruit? 

We recommend these jack fruit ‘wings’ from Biffs for a healthy and tasty vegan starter, sharer or snack!
Jack fruit has a subtle flavour and satisfying meaty, juicy texture, making it a great natural substitute for meat, while also being high in fibre. These ‘wings’ are comforting, crunchy and served on a sugar cane stick to mimic eating a chicken wing.

New meat on the block – redefine meat

Specially crafted for professional kitchens, redefine meat products aim to recreate the sensory experience of meat, including smell, texture and taste.
Using a variety of pea, soy and rice proteins, coconut fat and added vitamins and minerals, if you’re looking to explore something new in the plant-based protein department, veganuary could be a good time to try out Redefine Meat.